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First Maya Massage (2 hours, $175)

Please choose this option if this will be your first Maya Abdominal Therapy appointment with me, whether for cycle health, fertility or prenatal care. We will dive in-depth into your health history, Mayan and western wellness recommendations, and include a full massage treatment session. This session also includes teaching you the self-care Maya Massage, which is a simple and powerful way of continuing your healing at home.

Followup Maya Massage (1 hour 10 minutes, $110)

Please choose this appointment type if you've already had an initial session with me. During this visit we'll check in about your health, recent charts (if relevant), and do a full Maya Abdominal Therapy massage.

Postnatal Healing Ritual (2 hours, $175)

Wonderful for mamas 6+ weeks post-vaginal-birth, 8+ weeks post-cesarean, or 1+ week following a miscarriage or abortion. It's never too late. Includes a V-steam to warm and rejuvenate the pelvis, a Maya Abdominal Massage, and a Closing of the Bones Ritual. All to help you come back to your center, back to yourself.


First Cycle Awareness Consultation (50 minutes, $80)

Meet with me one-on-one to go over your charts, assess your reproductive health, create a plan for healing, and/or help you use the Symptothermal Method to meet your conception or birth control needs. Available in person or online.

Followup Cycle Awareness Consultation (20 minutes, $40)

A visit to gain insights into your reproductive health and/or go over your charts with me. These consultations are for those who have already had an initial Fertility Awareness Consultation or taken a class with me. Available in person or online.


Amber Dawn Hallet

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

Certified Reproductive Health Educator

Licensed Massage Therapist

I am so extremely grateful to have found Amber! After every appointment I leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and like I have honored myself in a truly beautiful way by receiving this work. I would recommend her to any & all women, wherever you are in your life!
— Candice J.


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