I am a certified member of the Association of Fertility Awareness  Professionals, devoted to making this information more broadly available to women around the world.

I am a certified member of the Association of Fertility Awareness  Professionals, devoted to making this information more broadly available to women around the world.

Are you ready to welcome a baby into your life?  If so, congratulations :) 

Knowing when you’re fertile and ovulating is a very helpful starting point.  Charting your cycles will enable you to track the rise and fall of your fertility.  Just as you know without a doubt when you’re having your period, charting enables you to know without a doubt when you’re fertile. This body knowledge takes the guesswork and day-counting out of trying to conceive.  It enables you and your partner to channel your sexual energy into the time when your body most desires intercourse, which is also when you’re most likely to conceive.

Women who are preparing for a baby seek out this knowledge for a variety of different reasons.  What brought you here?

  • Maybe you want to boost your chances and lower the stress of trying to conceive
  • Maybe you haven't started to 'try' yet, or maybe you've been trying for years already
  • Maybe you want to use this practice as a lens into your hormonal, uterine and cervical health
  • Maybe with a lower sperm count, you want to make sure there’s plenty when it counts
  • Maybe you’re a single mama or a two mama couple, and want to carefully time your IUI
  • Maybe you’re longing for a particular gender baby and would like to boost your odds

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to learn some basic body literacy when approaching conception, and benefits probably beyond what you’ve imagined.

Learning the Symptothermal Method of Fertility Awareness is now easier than ever before.   Click the button below for details and dates about my KNOW YOUR CYCLE Classes, where you can learn essential information to track your cycles, assess your hormonal health, and boost your chances of conceiving.


Another wonderful way to support healthy conception, whether natural or assisted, is Maya Abdominal Therapy.  This is a powerful modality for rejuvenating the womb, increasing the chances of conception, and building a plush nest in your uterus for your future child.  Click here to learn more about Maya Abdominal Therapy.

Benefits of Maya Abdominal Therapy for fertility:

  • center, lift and balance your uterus and fallopian tubes for easier conception
  • improve your menstrual cycle health
  • balance your hormones, regulate cycles and decrease pain
  • support healthy digestion, absorption and elimination
  • cleanse and nourish your uterine environment, the nest within which your future child will land and grow

If you choose to work with me one-on-one for Maya Abdominal Therapy, we will also work with charting and the Symptothermal Method together.  The beginning of the sessions will be spent reviewing your health history, recent charts and hormonal health.  If you already know how to chart, great, and if not you're welcome to learn the basics during our Maya sessions, or via one of my KNOW YOUR CYCLE Classes.  Use the button below to book an initial Maya Abdominal Therapy session with me: