7901 35th Ave SW 2nd Floor

Seattle, WA 98126

Just 15 minutes from downtown

Still on the fence?

Not sure whether what I offer is what you need? I'm available for free 15min consultations to discuss your health, what you're seeking and how I can support you. Please email me at and offer a few times that would work well for you, and we'll find a good time.


I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Washington. Therefore, if your insurance company covers massage therapy, they should also cover my Maya Massage services. Your coverage will most likely be their out-of-network rate for Massage Therapy. I do not bill insurance directly, but I can create a professional invoice for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Want me to come give a talk to your community? 

I love teaching about our womb cycles at women's circles, festivals, sex ed classes, DIY groups, rosh chodesh circles, yoga studios, women's health focused meet-ups, coming-of-age ceremonies and more.  Reach out if you'd like to have me come share with your crew!  Email me at and we'll come up with a plan.