You Made it to the other side.

You're no longer pregnant. You've emerged from a massive rite of passage, whether through childbirth, termination or loss.

Do you feel relieved? Triumphant? Achingly empty? Tumultuous? Disoriented? Proud? It can be a bittersweet blend of so many emotions, physical sensations, and intense hormonal experience.  It's an incredible transformation to go from having a baby growing inside you to not, and it happens so quickly.  And our culture tends to almost completely ignore women's experience in this realm.

Women need care as they transition out of pregnancy.  You're likely craving sisterhood, guidance and support.  

And you deserve it.

I adore working with women who are recovering after pregnancy.  During this time I offer a nonjudgemental listening ear and Maya Abdominal Therapy.  I've created a special Post-Pregnancy Healing Ritual integrating multiple Mayan therapies that are suited for all women who have recently been pregnant.  It is an effective therapy to:

  • ensure the uterus is centered, lifted and balanced

  • clear out any remaining uterine lining

  • bring warmth, flow, and healing back to the tender womb

  • encourage the body to return to regular cycling when it's ready

  • offer some much needed TLC during this transformative time



Maya Abdominal Therapy is wonderful throughout our lives, and is particularly precious in those tender post-pregnancy months.  This is an intense transformation for your womb. It's a time when your womb is vulnerable to dropping too low in your pelvis, or to slumping over to one side or the other. It's a time when all of your internal organs are rearranging themselves into their pre-pregnancy positions. It's a time when your bladder and bowels are learning to function again without the pressure of a full womb above or against them. It's a time when the emptiness left by the imprint of your pregnancy is refilled, reorganized, and restored.  

During this time, it's incredibly beneficial to receive some support, guidance and healing for your womb and core. For this, I've developed a Post-pregnancy Healing Ritual, which I wish everyone could receive after birth or loss.  

The Post-Pregnancy Healing Ritual includes:

  • Herbal Pelvic Steam—warm, refresh, nourish and lift your lady parts and womb

  • Full Maya Massage—lift and center your uterus, and release and align your core

  • Closing of the Bones—a head to toe rebozo wrap to bring your bones back to their pre-pregnancy alignment (which I do with the help of your sweetie if possible)

You're welcome to book your Post-Pregnancy Healing Ritual once you have the okay of your midwife or doctor to receive bodywork again, and are at least:

  • 6 weeks post-birth for a 20+ week vaginal birth

  • 8 weeks for a cesarean birth

  • 1 week post-abortion or miscarriage

I look forward to seeing you for this precious energetic and physical 'wrapping up' of your journey.